Frequently Answered Questions
What Rooms Do You Work On?

Any! We provide design, staging and organizing services to any space in your home. We also help with unpacking after a move, setting up or cleaning up a home filing system and command center and de-cluttering any area or storage space in your home.

How Can A Professional Organizer Help Me?

If you feel overwhelmed when you attempt to tackle a project on your own, a professional organizer can assist with tough decision making and help you push through to reach your goals. A professional organizer works with you in your home or business offering guidance through the de-cluttering and organizing process.

How Long Will My Project Take?

Each project is unique. It depends on the size and scope of the project and how quickly a client can make decisions.

What Is Included In An Organizing Session?

De-cluttering and organizing assistance, suggestions and maintenance tips.

How Do I Know My Space Will Stay Organized?

Along with your efforts and desire to maintain your space on your own, we offer maintenance sessions to help keep you on the right track.

What About My Privacy? What If I Feel Embarresed About My Mess?

Don’t feel bad, we are here to help, not judge. All services provided are confidential. We provide judgment free support and commitment to protecting the privacy of every client we serve. As professionals of integrity we will not violate the gift of your trust.

How Are Services Billed?

Payments are due at the time of each service for the services provided that day. You don’t have to worry about paying ahead for future sessions. This helps spread out the cost of the entire project to fit within your budget.

How Much Does It Cost?

Phone consultations and in-home assessments are always free! Project sessions are charged at a quoted rate as each individual project is unique.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact us by email or call for your free phone consultation and tell us what space you would like to have organized or designed.