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Jo Franklin

As a professional in home organizing, staging and interior design, I will work with you to establish effective organizing systems, realistic space planning and stylish home redesign that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Being in love with home design and organizing my whole life, I created Jo Franklin Interiors with an educational foundation in interior design, staging and organizing. As a working mom of three boys, I have the knowledge, understanding and experience of what it takes to run a household, and the real-life struggle to keep it organized. With my degree in Interior Design and certification in Staging and home organizing, I am now combining my experience and education to organize and design functional living and workspaces. Let me help you enhance your home by applying the principles of design to your space for a more appealing and simpler lifestyle. Turn your home into a space of order and beauty that you will enjoy spending time in. I provide judgment free support and commitment to protecting the privacy of every client I serve. I believe that creating a home should be an enjoyable journey filled with objects that function and that are loved. A successful design should reflect the taste, lifestyle, and personality of the client while creating a beautiful environment and a true reflection of the homeowner's dream.


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